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"What's with the space theme?"

Parallels IRL:

Harrisburg, PA


American NE, near the Canadian border


47, 587



Most Famous For:

Scattered superheros/vigilantes

Dominant Species:


General Description

SaganCity is a somewhat moderately sized city, situated on the American North East. The city itself is a stone's throw away from the Canadian border, and the climate is temperate, with somewhat harsh winters. The city was once just an astronomical observatory in the middle of nowhere, but has since built around it to the point it became a city. It was named after the astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, and the city itself has a very strong astronomy theme.

City Sections

The city itself is divided into various sections, each one is broken down here.

  • The Science District : Featuring various laboratories and observatories, the Science district is actually where the city gets its name,(along with it's gaudy 'science' theme). This district is rather small compared to the rest of the city, and it has no residents living there. This district is also home to several warehouses and storage areas.

  • Uptown : Uptown is the section of the city where most of the city's population live, featuring many trees and very nice apartment complexes. It also is home to several museums and shops, and it's the first part of town people see when they drive through. Essentially, it's the 'face' of SaganCity. The bank is also featured here, and as a result the crime fluctuates in this part of the city.

  • Windy Parks : The nicest part of the city, it exists just near the city limits. It's mostly a gated off community where many of the well to do tend to live, though other people are welcome to live there, as long as they aren't trouble makers. It's a very green area, and its home to several small wooded areas and groves. Eventually this area blends into state game land, where the city limits of Sagan end.

  • Central : Also known as an unspoken strict 'neutral' zone, Central Sagan holds all the vital services. Things like the schools, Kepler Hospital, Quasar Park, the firehouse, nursing homes, and churches are all in Central Sagan. As such, there is a very harsh unspoken 'no fighting' rule among the various denizens of the city. Starting a fight in or deliberately attacking anyone in this zone is pretty much a death wish. After all, gang lords and supervillains have children that need to go to school and sick family that need the hospital just like everyone else. So thus, the safest place to be at any time in SaganCity is in this zone.

  • The Projects : The seedy part of town, most people never go through this section of the city due to it's high rates of crime and population of mutants. This section is extremely run down, and full of empty abandoned apartment complexes that nobody got around to tearing down yet. The only people that can stand to live here are either down on their luck or have no choice in the matter. As a result, it's highly advised to never travel alone though this section of the city, and to just not go through it at all at night.

  • The Underground : The Underground is composed entirely of sewer/service tunnels and closed down subway systems under SaganCity, it is generally off limits to the public. It is speculated that there are colonies, and maybe even an entire city of mutants/creatures that live down there, but the city higher up just disregard them as rumors.


There is about 47,587 people that live in SaganCity, the majority of them being various types and degrees of Mutants. Followed closely behind them are Humans, then a various mix of supernatural creatures, such as werebeasts, vampires, and other things. The majority of the residents are middle class, and most people either live in Central or Uptown. The city is also home to several various gangs, along with some self proclaimed vigilantes and superheros, who sometimes aid the local police force.

People who live here