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"Hey baby, wanna knock boots? As in knock boots, I mean have some sex. With each other. Yeah."


Currently Unknown




Mutant (natural)






210 lbs


Black and Red



Distinguishing markings:

Red facial markings, oddly colored eyes, crooked nose, tattoo on right shoulder




Killswitch's Official Ref Sheet

Killswitch is a member of a group of mutants and misfits (Bobby and Hazard) who jokingly refer to themselves as ‘super villains’, despite them all making terrible villains. He’s effectively the ‘middle child’, and due to him being dumb as a bag of hammers, his job pretty much boils down to just hitting things and breaking stuff, and that pretty much is the only thing he’s good at.

Killswitch a natural mutant, and is quite a big dude. He's rather stocky with some muscle to him (and somewhat of a belly from all the beer he drinks). He's also lovingly referred to being 'Fugly', due to his really rough looks. It's pretty obvious from first glance that he is a mutant, due to his odd eye and hair color. His eyes are a bright red, and his hair is a mix of red and black, which he spikes to look extra tacky. He also has 'birthmarks' on his face that resemble red lines running from under his eyes to his jawline. Apparently he was not born with these markings, but rather they appeared when he came into his powers. On that note he used to also have blue eyes and plain black hair, but these also changed when his marking appeared. He's also got a broken nose that healed crooked, and what is rumored to be a rather embarrassing tattoo on his right shoulder.

He tends to only dark colors, mostly in jeans and leather in an attempt to seem 'tough', but ultimately he comes off as looking incredibly tacky. He's also fond of things like fingerless gloves and sleeveless trench coats, which adds to his overall hideousness.

Currently he spends most his time either breaking things by accident or breaking things on purpose.


Killswitch is possibly the biggest asshole on the planet. He’s self centered, selfish, spiteful, violent, and arrogant. The scary thing is that those AREN’T his worst qualities. He’s also not too bright, absolutely has no ounce of common sense in his entire body, and on top of that he’s a sexist pig. It’s no wonder why most people can’t stand to be around him for more than 5 seconds at a time. Indeed, the only people who seem to be able put up with him at all are his brothers and the local fence, Nick. Nick because he has an endless amount of patience, Bobby because he loves to pick on him and knock him off his high horse once and a while, and Hazard because he sees him as a savior and protector.


Killswitch is the only one in the group that really has a solid past, since he loves to whine about it to anyone within ear range. He says he was born to a Hispanic mother and Caucasian dad in some city in the south. His dad turned out to be abusive, and was really terrible to both his mother and himself. His mother couldn’t really get help from anywhere, so she fell into a depression and ended up committing suicide to escape. His father quickly disappeared afterward to escape repercussions from the law, leaving little Killy alone. He had to fend for himself a while, before Child Services managed to get a hold of him, and they promptly put him into the foster care system. Foster care didn’t sit too well with him, even when he was put with kind and loving foster parents, and was constantly in trouble for fighting. Up until he was 16, he was in and out of Juvenile Halls and different homes, until he came into his powers. Because the world isn’t exactly accepting of mutants, he of course, ended up on the streets in and out of various gangs. He worked in various gangs for many years, working his was up North until finally hitting Sagancity, where he met Bobby, and later Hazard. He loves to whine about how bad he’s had it (mostly to ladies in the chance of scoring sympathy sex), but as he gets exposed to what other people had to go through, (specifically people like Hazard), he’s slowly realizing that the past can’t be used as an excuse as how one turns out, and it’s rattling his world a bit.

And of course, he deals with these feelings like any other asshole of his caliber, by being a vicious drinker and chain smoker. He tends to bottle up any emotion, believing that ‘manly men’ don’t ‘feel’, so the only type of emotion he tends to display is either insufferable smugness, blank, or angry. Even though he won’t admit it, he is rather fond of Hazard, and will often tell him stories or give him advice. Though, he is an absolutely awful role model, so he’ll either tell him stories along the lines of ‘Wizard People, Dear Reader’, or tell him how to tell a good hooker from a bad one. You could be grabbing for straws by saying that it’s a step in the right direction at least on learning not how to be such an ass, but then again, reading aloud ‘Friday the 13th, the Novel’ as a bedtime story is not exactly appropriate for a small child.

Abilities and Powers

First Appearence of Killy's powers in Ch1Pg11

Killswitch's powers can be best described as being able to summon a type of plasma energy around his hands and arms. This energy behaves like and resembles an unnaturally red fire. It mainly acts like a flexible battering ram, allowing him to punch through metal, concrete, and other strong materials without suffering any ill effects. It boosts up his strength, so the punches he lands with his powers activated are indeed very powerful. It also has a mild electrical current, which helps in causing short circuits as well as adding an extra oomf to any punch.

He also doesn't know when to quit, so once he gets started doing something, it is very very difficult to stop him. His sheer endurance and tenacity does count as an ability, but sometimes it can also get him in trouble.

Weaknesses and Flaws

Killswitch's biggest weakness is water as it totally messes with his powers. Everyone knows that mixing water with an electric current is a very bad idea. If he’s wet, he can’t even activate his powers, much like a wet match can’t be lit unless it’s dry.

His secondary weakness is simply that he’s an awful fighter. Sure he knows how to brawl and how to fight dirty; his years in various gangs taught him that. But if he were to go toe to toe with a trained fighter, more often than not he’ll at best, lose, at worst, get a beat down.

He also has literally no people skills, and the fact that he's such an unlikable and terrible person often invites trouble. For the most part he lets Bobby speak for him, cause every time he himself opens his mouth, he's guaranteed to offend somebody.


  • Killswitch hates animals and is very creeped out by cats.
  • Killswitch is the kind of drunk that brags about everything for hours on end, before abruptly passing out and sleeping for half a day.
  • Killswitch is incredibly homophobic and is rumored to be very insecure about his own masculinity.
  • Despite never having ridden a motorcycle in his life, Killswitch has a love for leather jackets and other ‘macho’ gear.
  • Killswitch usually gets Bobby’s attention by throwing cinderblocks and other heavy objects directly at his head, not so accidentally ‘killing’ him once in a while.
  • One thing Killswitch is good at is hotwiring and stealing cars.
  • The only music Killswitch likes is Death/Black metal. The more non-understandable the lyrics are, the better.
  • Killswitch has a Mr.T alarm clock from the 80’s, which he constantly breaks and has to repair.