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"Yo guys what is up?"


Pvt. Jacob Alen Ramirez


Jake, Chipotle








197 lbs





Distinguishing markings:

Shrapnel/Bullet scars. Missing a leg.


Former Marine/Gym Trainer


Jakes's Official Ref Sheet


Jake himself is a very cheery guy, liking to crack jokes and play pranks on people. He likes to diffuse bad situations with humor, and when things look down he spins it around to be funny. He’s also a hopeless romantic, being extra cheesy when it comes to dating and love. That also being said, he’s incredibly protective of the people he cares about, and threatening them is one of the few ways to make him generally angry. On the flip side however, he suffers from survivor’s guilt and PTSD. Loud explosive noises and gunfire usually make him slip back into the soldier mind set, which can be embarrassing when he finds himself trying to drag people under cover when a car backfires. He also cannot stand being alone, and can come off as being a bit clingy. Luckily his pet bird helps with it. Overall though, he’s a sweet guy that just wants to be happy. He’s been seeing a therapist for a while, so in time his symptoms will decrease.


Jake is a former Marine, and came from a rather boring, middle class family on the east coast. His mother was an extremely loving and protective mother. His father was also a soldier, and was killed during a training accident, which only amplified his mother’s protectiveness. Despite that though, he decided to follow the military tradition in his family (most men in his family end up involved some way shape or form with the US Military branches) and sign up for the Marine Corps.

He got along well well with his fellow Marines, earning the nickname 'Chipotle' due to him bribing people for their MRE hot sauce bottles. Jake was first deployed when he was in his early 20’s, where he served a year long tour before being shot in the side during an ambush. He was sent home to recover for a while, before returning to duty. A half a year later during a roadside patrol, one of his friends tripped an IED, and Jake was caught in the cross fire. Several members of his unit were either injured or killed that day, Jake himself losing a leg and gaining significant shrapnel damage. He was honorably discharged from the military, with two Purple Hearts and a Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal.

After re-learning how to walk and realizing he doesn’t have a future in the military anymore, he decided to become a trainer. So he moved out to Sagan city to work at the local gym, helping other disabled people become mobile again, as well as sports and endurance training. It was there during a charity boxing tournament that he met Nick. Jake was one of the few people ever to KO him, and after the tournament they got together and have been dating ever since.

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