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"Heehee dinosaurs!"


Currently Unknown




Mutant (natural)


Unknown. Thought to be in the 10ish range




90 lbs





Distinguishing markings:

Numerous (hidden) scars, Gas Mask




Hazard's Official Ref Sheet

Hazard is a rather short, small, and thin kid. He has a twitchy and wary posture, looking like he's ready to bolt from danger at quick notice, and is a rather nervous and shy child. He's also horribly self conscious, so he takes a lot of care to make sure as much of his skin is covered as possible, and is suspected to be hiding old scars that he doesn't want anyone to see. Trying to remove his clothing usually causes him to react violently, and he will fight viciously to keep people from seeing his skin. So for the most part, he is always wearing long sleeves and pants. Hazard has a terrible sense of color coordination, so most of the time he chooses extremely bright and clashing colors to wear. He also thoroughly enjoys clothes typically worn by girls, and doesn't seem to really understand why it would be considered a bad thing.

Hazard's face is mostly hidden behind a modified gas mask (which allows him to breathe), so a select few people know what he really looks like. Without the goggles, people would be able to see that he has expressive grey-blue eyes, and his face is shrouded with a mop of shaggy brown hair. He refuses to get his hair cut, and it's suspected he uses his hair as a way to 'soften' the stares and odd looks he gets from other people. Because of his shyness in this regard, it takes a lot of coaxing to get him out and about the city.

Hazard is also a natural mutant, and is able to control and manipulate several types of gasses. On the flip-side however, he is also allergic to oxygen, which makes his life extremely difficult in many ways. He is also suspected to be a victim of several different types of abuse, which would explain his odd behavior and mannerisms he tends to exhibit.

He currently lives with his self adopted 'brothers', Killswitch and Bobby, and is for the most part very happy with them, despite the difficult life they lead.


Personality wise, he at first is very guarded, shy, and nervous. When not at ease, he's quiet to the point of muteness, and he very rarely interacts with people he's not comfortable with. He's also built quite a thick shell around himself, and it's very hard to break through to him, and it takes a long time to gain his trust. While not a coward, Hazard is very easy to startle and frighten, and everything from loud sudden noises to people moving their hands too fast around him is enough to send him running. However, when he needs too, he's been known to muster up uncanny courage usually unheard of for such a tiny little kid.

Unfortunately, Hazard is a rather tragic mess of problems, brought on most likely from a very traumatic past. He also tends to display several nervous tics that usually manifest when he's under stress and strange situations. His usual thing is to fidget with his hands, but he's also been known to begin shaking over the mildest things, and even displaying several PTSD type symptoms, such as night terrors to full blown flashbacks in rarer instances. Thankfully, his more severe symptoms tend to only come about from triggering situations, which his brothers have made large strides to shield him from. He's also extremely phobic, and his biggest phobias are needles, scalpels and other bladed objects, the dark, deep water, loud sudden noise (such as gunshots), and wide open places (where it's impossible to hide). Sadly, this is the side of Hazard that most people see, instead of the altruistic kid he really is.

Despite his many problems though, Hazard in reality is a very warm, soft hearted, and gentle individual. The few people that's managed to break through his shell find a boy that's kind enough to rescue bugs from spider webs, pick flowers for people, and have tea parties with his numerous stuffed animals. He is also surprisingly, very sensative and considerate despite what he's been through, and he tends to think of other people before himself. It seems in all, he just wants people to like him, so he can like them back. Once a person gains his trust, he tends to become quite a bit of a goofy chatterbox, and he thoroughly enjoys simple things like watching cartoons with people and playing with plastic dinosaurs.

Only time will tell if he will eventually recover from his many problems, but it's obvious now that just being around his brother's have had an immense positive effect, and he has formed an extremely tight bond with the two of them.


Not much is really known about Hazard's life before he was rescued by Bobby and Killswitch. It's suspected that he was possibly used for some type of medical experimentation, which explains his intense fear for medical instruments and doctors. But beyond that, it's all speculation. But it's safe to say he probably had a very terrible life. Hazard himself can't really talk about his past, as the mere remembrance of some of his experiences are enough to sent him into panic attacks and flashbacks. So the topic is generally avoided.

The boys don't really speak much about the incident when they saved him, citing that it was 'really fucked up' and they would rather not look back on it. All they will really tell people was that he had one foot in the grave, and it was only due to a sympathetic mutant-friendly doctor and the boy's quick thinking that he's even alive today at all. Over the course of a few months, the boys tirelessly nursed him back to health and were patient with his numerous psychological problems. Because of this, they managed to bring him back from death's door. Of course Hazard was understandably distrustful and frightened during this time, but Bobby, and even Killswitch, manged to effectively 'tame' him, and allowed his true kind-hearted nature to come through. It was during this time he formed a very strong attachment to the both of them, which caused Bobby to refer to the group as a 'family', giving Hazard his first real home in his life.

Currently, Hazard is very happy with his brothers, and Bobby makes it a point to try and get him used to new people and things. So when they aren't trying to knock over a bank or rob a store, you can spot all three of them doing mundane things such as getting ice cream or hanging out in the park, much to Killswitch's distaste. Essentially, they ARE a family, and despite everyone's differences, they really do care about each other.

Hazard spends most of his days giving people sharpie marker tattoos, making pirate ships out of cardboard boxes, and drawing in his journal/notebook.

Abilities and Powers


Hazard using his Superpowers

eing a Mutant, Hazard has some some superpowers unique to himself. The biggest ability to his name is a natural ability to create and wield various types of gasses, ranging from riot control substances (tear gas) to anesthetics (Nitrous oxide) to even some chemical warfare agents (such as mustard and chlorine gas). He is able to completely control and manipulate these gasses, and is completely immune to them as well. However, just because he has this ability, doesn't mean he'll readily use it. In fact, he rather hates his superpower, and it's only in the most dire of situations when he will even use them, as he is extremely afraid of hurting people. Even then, he refuses to use deadly agents, and instead uses harmless things such as Tear Gas and gas form anesthetics.

It's important to note that he doesn't actually create the gas from his own body, but instead he changes and manipulates the chemical compound of the ambient air around him to create them.

Other than his mutant ability, he's also very observant and resourceful, and he is more than able to defend himself if need be. He also, amusingly enough, somehow finds ways to make friends with all sorts of creatures that would normally tear a person's face off. This could be attributed to his quiet and soft nature, which sometimes make animals and other creatures feel more at ease around him.

Weaknesses and Flaws

On the flip-side of Hazard's mutant ability, he has one crippling weakness. He is allergic to oxygen, and he must wear a mask at all times in order to survive. His lungs are unable to cope with normal oxygen, so being exposed to air will kill him. Obviously, he would survive longer in a heavily polluted environment(with low oxygen levels), but eventually he will suffocate. To stay alive, he had to use various respirators connected to tanks, containing other types of gasses. When he was eventually picked up by Bobby and Killswitch, they were able to find a person to custom make his currently used mask, which allows him a lot more mobility than what he used to have. He is lucky in that he can just refill his own tanks when they get low (usually with something harmless like Nitrous Oxide), but he still has a rather difficult time living as a result of this.

His oxygen allergy also means that exposure to normal air also makes his eyes sting, so he also must wear some type of goggles in order to protect them. On another note, his body is oxygen independent, so for example, his body would reject normal plasma if he were ever to receive a blood transfusion.

Hazard is also a rather frail and sickly kid, and often suffers from many medical maladies. A big one is his inability to breathe well when very frightened or stressed, and it's suspected he may have some unique form of asthma. Coupled with his difficulty eating and his habit of not sleeping when he doesn't feel at ease means he often gets ill. So in general, he's rather weak despite his deadly powers, but over time he seems to be getting better, now that he has a relatively stress free home and brothers that make sure he eats.

His long list of phobias/triggers also constitute as a weakness, as it is very easy to frighten him to the point of outright fainting. As a result, his brothers are rather careful when taking him to new places, and they do their best to prevent any panic attacks that may crop up as a result.


  • One of Hazard’s favorite things to do is draw ‘sharpie tattoos’ on people or stack stuffed animals/toys on people when they are sleeping. It’s well known to people that know him to never be asleep when he is awake.
  • When he grows up, Hazard wants to be a paleontologist.
  • Hazard refuses to eat eggs, because Killy told him they were unborn baby chickens.
  • Hazard will refuse to sleep if he feels unsafe, so it’s a sign of trust to someone if he’ll doze off when they are around.
  • Hazard’s favorite food ever is pancakes, and he asks Bobby to make them for him constantly.
  • Hazard loves animals, with rabbits and dogs being his favorites, along with chickens and ducks. He would want to be a vet if he wasn’t so afraid of needles and other medical tools.
  • Hazard doesn’t know how to swim and is deathly afraid of deep water.
  • Hazard actually can’t read very well above a 4th grade level, but he loves reading, so he’s getting better the more he practices.
  • Hazard has a very soft heart and will catch bugs/spiders and put them outside unharmed rather than squishing them like other people