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Bobby Rawker
"I swear to god if ONE MORE PERSON asks me to play Stairway to Heaven, heads are going to roll."


Currently Unknown


Bobby Rawker




20’s? Seems much older




160 lbs


Black with purple dye



Distinguishing markings:

Large black/purple wings, oddly colored eyes, tattoo on left shoulder


Ex Rocker / Robber


Bobby's Official Ref Sheet

Bobby is the 'big brother' in a trio of misfits, which include Hazard and Killswitch. Bobby for the most part is described as a 'pretty boy', with a slightly built body tone and somewhat pale skin. You can pretty much tell he's an ex-rocker from the way he dresses, which is usually a wide selection of old and worn vintage band/concert tour t-shirts and faded jeans. He seems to also have a great love for arm warmers and other wrist-wear, favoring bold stripe patterns. He carries himself in a carefree, charismatic way, and generally seems to roll with whatever life seems to throw at him.

Probably the most notable feature about Bobby is the large pair of wings he sports on his back. They are feathered and deep black in color, with the flight feathers being purple. They are quite emotive, and when frightened or stressed the feathers tend to poof out, like an angry bird. He also has violet eyes, and a black mullet with dyed purple tips. He's expressed a few times that he thinks his hair is 'stupid', but for some reason can't change it.

Nobody really quite knows exactly what he is. He claims that he isn't a mutant, and gets rather annoyed at being called an angel. For now he just claims to be a member of the Undead and just leaves it at that.


Bob firstly comes off as a very relaxed and calm guy. For the most part he can deal with the daily weirdness in his life, but he does have his limits. But in general, he's rather polite to people, that is when he's not robbing them. However, he does have a bit of an icy temper, but very rarely do people get under his skin enough to really get him really angry. But he's known to rather scary when angry, so people that know him know better than to push him. He's also got a rather sharp tongue, and thoroughly enjoys ripping people to shreds with his biting sarcasm more so than actually resorting to physical confrontation.

He's rather charismatic and very much a people person, preferring to be around other people and joking around with them than to be alone. He has an odd gift of being able to get along with just about anyone, which is how it's speculated that he can stand being around Killswitch for the most part. He's sociable as much as he's able to be with the responsibilities he's saddled with, and has a large network of various friends and contacts that are scattered around the city. He's foremost, a performer (being an ex-rockstar), and he likes nothing more than to just sit around and entertain people.

But well, in all, Bob is a good guy. A good guy that…well….is sorta stuck in a hard place. He’s got morals he has to constantly break in order to take care of the people he cares about, and it’s a big burden. Especially for his little brother Hazard, who needs a lot of help that he just doesn’t know how to give. He puts on a rather laid back, carefree front to keep his brothers from worrying, but deep down he’s often very scared and anxious as he tries to figure out just where their next meal is going to come from. He doesn’t like the life they have to live, but he tries his best to make it somewhat a happy one at the very least.


Bobby’s past though, like Hazard’s, is fairly unknown, mostly because Bob claims that he can’t tell most of it, ‘lest the fabric of space-time becomes unraveled’. But he does drop hints when he can, and judging from how many events he has claimed to have been present for, he is much older than he actually looks. He also mentions that he died a while ago (by getting hit by a bus none the less), but somehow ‘got better’. Whether he’s just pulling people’s legs for the hell of it or actually telling the truth, only he really knows.

Abilities and Powers

For abilities, Bob’s got quite a few aces in his sleeve. His greatest strength is probably his immortality (because you can’t kill a dead guy again, he says). He can be shot, blown apart, maimed, and he’ll just regenerate again later, good as new. He also doesn’t need to eat, or even breathe, and he’s gotten out of quite a few bad spots by ‘playing dead’. He can also fly (by obvious means), which comes in handy quite a bit, and he feels more at home in the air than he does on the ground. The only problem with this is that everyone seems to think that he’s an angel, which he is not, and he tends to get a little annoyed when people call him one.

Weaknesses and Flaws

Like mentioned above, Bobby is immortal, but he is far from invincible or invulnerable. Being injured still will slow him down and cause great pain, so he tries to avoid injury when possible. The more severe the trauma, the longer it takes for him to get back on his feet. For example, a broken leg will heal quicker than a gunshot to the head. His wings also sometimes make it a bit difficult to be in tight places (like cars and small rooms), and is slightly claustrophobic as a result. Even though he does not need to sleep, he still needs to be inactive for a while after long periods of activity.

He also tends to get rather frazzled when too many things are dropped on him at once, and he also claims to be cursed in some way, though it's only vague information.


  • Bobby has a bit of a parasite phobia, and he gets a bit freaked out over worms and other wiggly things.
  • Even though he does not need to eat or drink, Bobby does enjoy a classic cheeseburger once and a while.
  • Bobby is actually a decent cook and is very independent, so he ends up having to do ‘domestic’ duties for his brothers since he’s the only one with any responsibility at all.
  • Bobby is most often playing guitar, and in his spare time he likes to write songs, which are mostly silly kiddie things for his little brother.
  • Bobby hates getting shot in the face more than anything else. You'd be surprised how often this happens.
  • Bobby sometimes gets a kick out of ‘playing dead’, where he’ll collapse and stop breathing (as he only really needs to breathe in order to speak and he has no heart beat) to see how long it takes for apathetic city dwellers to call the cops. He also will do this to escape a tight spot when necessary.
  • Bobby can also play the violin (as his parents wanted him to learn a ‘respectable’ instrument’ as a child), and enjoys playing ‘classy’ versions of rock songs.